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Assembly Techniques are a proud supplier of Dewalt chemical anchors for the North West of the UK.

Dewalt is the world leading name for manufacturing and marketers of power tools and equipment, which is designed specifically for the professional contractor and tradesman.

Dewalt has 90 years’ experience in design and manufacturing, world-class solutions for the professional construction industry. The Dewalt brand guarantee’s Tough-engineering to exceed the expectations of building contractors and professional tradesman, even when tested in the most extreme construction environments.

For the complete solution for your jobs, Dewalt offer a full range of anchor and fixings, accessories and power tools to help you get your job done.

DeWalt Mechanical Anchor Overview
Mechanical Anchors may are available in many variations and choices and can usually be loaded immediately after installation which is an advantage in many applications. Mechanical anchors may also have a greater resistance to the effects of elevated temperature when compared with adhesive anchors.

Mechanical anchors can be described by their functional principle and categorized by their load transfer mechanism which either bases on mechanical friction or on mechanical interlock:

Anchor types which load transfer mechanism bases on friction are in general expansion anchors. These anchor types are designed with expansion elements that compress against the wall off the drill hole.

When the anchor is loaded, frictional force between the expansion elements and concrete allows to transfer the load to base material.

Torque-controlled expansion anchors are installed by applying a specified torque to the bolt head or nut with torque wrench. Torque-controlled expansion anchors may be further classified as either sleeve type (also commonly named ‘heavy duty anchor’) or bolt type (also commonly named ‘wedge anchor’ or “through bolt”).

Displacement-controlled expansion anchors are set by the axial displacement of the expansion plug with the sleeve. They are commonly called ‘drop-in anchors’.

Anchors which load transfer mechanism bases on interlock are either screw or undercut type. Screw anchors have a thread similar to that of a wood screw which allows the anchor to cut into the base material during installation in a drilled hole. The anchor develops its load capacity by the interlock of the tread and concrete. Undercut anchors provide a bearing area which undercuts into the wall of the drilled hole by a special installation procedure. The large bearing area allows transferring the load into the base material by mechanical interlock.

In europe and many other countries, mechanical anchors are general designed according the ETAG 001 Annex C.

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