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AQUEOUS cleaning of proprietary parts and clean assembly work

Our state of the art MediClen cleaning facility offers both cleaning of proprietary parts and clean assembly work.

Housed within our Class 100,000/IS08 clean room we use a Turbex™ Mechanical Clean six stage aqueous, ultrasonic cleaning system to clean proprietary parts.

The cleaning process degreases and removes contaminates such as oil and polishing compounds. An essential process for critical components in various industries including: analytical; semi-conductor and food industries. The automated process enables us to clean complex individual parts or large batches.

The intention of the Aqueous cleaning process is to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto solid surfaces without stress or damage to the component. Making the process ideal for those critical cleaning applications requiring consistent, high quality cleaning.

It has replaced and is increasingly opted over solvents as it enhances cleaning efficiency, has lower operating costs, greater repeatability, improved process control and minimal environmental impact.

Within our Class 10,000 ISO7 Clean Room we follow strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) including gowning procedure, work instructions and quality records for cleaning and maintenance. Assembling components within a clean room environment offers consistency of quality, helping our customer to reduce manufacturing defects from contaminants.

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