Your Requirements - Our Solutions

Our Supply Solutions

total component supplier

Assembly Techniques Ltd can offer a variety of supply solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Stock Management Systems

Consignment Stock

Have the stock that you need without the financial outlay. Stock can be replenished on a weekly/ Monthly basis. Only pay for what you use.

Just-in-Time Delivery

Reduce your in-process inventory and associated costs by turning to Just-In-Time supply solutions. You only receive the parts as you need them, therefore less warehousing space is required. This relies on close stock control.

Kanban/ Fax Ban

Control your stock by only ordering what you need. Indicators within the stock bin identify when you need to order. Ordering is carried out by completing a 'tick' box form and faxing for immediate action.

Supply Solutions

Batch Traceability

We can off serial number identification to allow full supply chain traceability.


All components, kits and Assemblies can be barcoded to allow ease of processing at your goods inwards.

Direct to Line

We can directly backfill your busy production line to reduce warehousing costs.

Direct to Operator

Where more than one operative is working with the same parts, we offer a service to backfill all workstations on an assembly line.

Product Loose or bagged

Products can be bagged in quantities specified by you. Goods can be labelled with your Logo or Brand where required. Pre bagging in required quantities can dramatically reduce standard times on busy assembly lines.

Sub Assemblies

Our in house assembly team can pre assemble small items that fit into larger projects.