Quality Policy


Customer satisfaction is achieved via a ‘Quality product’ and to this end the management and staff of the company are committed to providing a ‘Quality product’ our definition of which is;

“Providing our customers with what they require, when they require it, to the correct specification and on economic terms.”

To do this we shall always seek to improve our quality management system by way of complying with the relevant national and international regulatory requirements. Periodical reviews of the requirements of interested parties are conducted. By identifying the risks that the business is subjected to and any opportunities that have not been explored the company can adapt in the most appropriate way.

Through the setting and maintaining of objectives we work towards the continuous improvement of the QMS. We require everyone within the company to be aware of and try to improve where possible the quality of service that we provide and to suggest improvements on a continuous basis.

Our ultimate aim is to be the best supplier our customers have.