Leading distributor of O-rings, seals and gaskets


Assembly Techniques have become a leading distributor of O-rings, seals and gaskets. In partnership with Europe’s leading sealing companies we are able to offer both standard and custom made seals for general applications and high specification compounds allied to the analytical and semi-conductor industry.


The O-ring has become the worlds most popular and versatile seal due to its simple shape, low space requirements and its availability in a vast section of sizes and compounds to meet every industrial requirement.


Basic Elastomers


  • Nitrile (NBR)  – suitable for air, water, grease, oil based hydraulic fluids, animal and vegetable oils. The material can withhold temperatures of up to 110 degrees celsius, making it ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic applications


  • Viton® ( (fkm/fpm)  – a material that can be used with many different chemicals. Viton is a performance elastomer and is ideal in very hot and extremely corrosive environments. It is suitable in temperatures of  -15deg C to + 204deg C. Please note: viton® is the registered trade mark of Dupont Nemours.


  • Silicone (Vmq) is resistant to temperature extremes and thermal cycling. This elastomer does not impart odour or taste making it suitable for many food and pharmaceutical uses. However, it is not suitable for dynamic applications. Temperature range  -50deg C to +230deg C


  • Perfluoroelastomer (ffkm) compound offers outstanding performance in demanding operating environments. Ffkm combines the excellent properties of Ptfe (polytetrofluoroethylene) with the elasticity of fkm (viton®).Temperatures range from -30deg C to +325 deg C


Encapsulated O-rings

Supplied with viton®, silicone or e.p.d.m inner core material, with an fep (fluorinated ethylene propylene) outer jacket. Encapsulated O-rings are mainly used as static seals. Temp range -60deg C to +205 deg C. PFA encapsulated O-ring has a higher temperature range of  -60 deg C to +260 deg C.



In House Degas Facility 


Degassing (Outgassing) is defined as the release of a gas that has been dissolved, trapped, or absorbed into the polymer. The process involves placing the O-rings into a vacuumed oven to drive out the gases and other contaminants trapped in the parts .

Post curing of elastomeric compounds such as FKM, silicone and fluorosilicone prior to service removes unwanted volatiles by crosslinking.



Customised Bagging Facility

O-rings can be bagged individually or in bulk and labelled with our customers logo or brand using our automated bagging system. Our high speed bagging system is designed for high productivity. We are able to meet customer needs in both design and corporate identity, from simple text identification to state of the art barcoding.


Our catalogue details valuable information on the selection and application of precision O-rings. In addition to the sizes detailed in our comprehensive listings, we can also offer bespoke solutions to suit your specific requirements.